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Fifty years of the Spirit of Adventure

A Spirit Companion Celebrating the first 50 years of the Spirit of Adventure Trust Roger McDonald Sweeping stories of the sea and personal growth from those who have sailed the iconic Spirit of Adventure ‘All a trainee needed to feel — could not help feeling — was that their feet were on the decks of something pretty big, and change was happening all around them just by the motion that happened when the wind blew.’

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Telling the story of migration in latest addition to The NZ Series

New Zealand Migration Philippa Werry New book in NZ Series explores the history of our diverse migrant nation, from the first settlers to the latest arrivals Despite all New Zealanders being either migrants or descendants of migrants, until now there has been no single book on the topic. In concise chapters, Philippa Werry explores topics ranging from the first Polynesian navigators to European colonisers, Chinese immigrants during the gold rush to ten-pound Poms, Pacific Island communities to the impact of Covid-19 on immigration. 

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Classic of New Zealand and Pacific writing returns in new edition

Vikings of the Sunrise by Te Rangi Hīroa (Sir Peter Buck) Foreword by Paora Tapsell One of the greatest accounts ever of Pacific settlement returns to print this week, with a new foreword, in our New Zealand Classics series. Truly a masterpiece of Pacific studies, Vikings of the Sunrise  marks an attempt by the great Te Rangi Hīroa (Sir Peter Buck) to convey to a general reader ‘the settlement of Polynesia by a stone-age people who deserve to rank among the world’s great navigators.’ 

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New book empowers visually impaired character and celebrates diversity

Lucky Me  Lawrence Schimel Illustrated by Juan Camilo Mayorga  Publishing for World Sight Day and Blind Low Vision Week, Lucky Me tells the story of a boy who feels very lucky to have a brother like Mateo — who is visually impaired.

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