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Inspiring reluctant readers in English and te reo Māori

The Book that Wouldn't Read / Te Pukapuka ka Kore e Pānuihia by Tim Tipene Illustrated by Nicoletta Benella Translated by Kanapu Rangitauira Setting out to attract the sort of reluctant reader he used to be, author and youth counsellor Tim Tipene happened upon a neat idea: a book that takes over and effectively reads itself! In The Book that Wouldn’t Read — and the Māori edition Te Pukapuka ka Kore e Pānuihia — a boy who doesn’t like reading just has to investigate when he finds that book on the library shelf.

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Bilingual book brings to life the humour of te reo Māori

Te Reo Kapekape: Māori Wit and Humour by Hona Black Publishing on 1 September, a new book by scholar Hona Black lifts the curtain on all the humour, wit, innuendo and play that distinguishes everyday te reo Māori . Te Reo Kapekape (literally, ‘the language of poking fun’) will make readers cry with laughter, engage in lively banter, and perhaps blush a little.

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Te Kooti’s Last Foray

The extraordinary story of Te Kooti’s 1870 abduction of two Whakatōhea communities into the Waioeka Gorge and how Whanganui’s pursuit won the day but never the credit. Ron Crosby The evidence in support of the conclusions drawn is compelling. This book is well worth the read.’ — Justice Sir (Tā) Joe Williams, from the Foreword Previous histories of the New Zealand Wars have either overlooked the events that are retold in Te Kooti’s Last Foray, or have got them wrong by relying on questionable accounts by Lieutenant Thomas Porter.

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