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Telling the story of migration in latest addition to The NZ Series

Nov 12, 2023

New Zealand Migration
Philippa Werry

New book in NZ Series explores the history of our diverse migrant nation, from the first settlers to the latest arrivals

Despite all New Zealanders being either migrants or descendants of migrants, until now there has been no single book on the topic.

In concise chapters, Philippa Werry explores topics ranging from the first Polynesian navigators to European colonisers, Chinese immigrants during the gold rush to ten-pound Poms, Pacific Island communities to the impact of Covid-19 on immigration. 

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Te Kooti’s Last Foray

Aug 04, 2023

The extraordinary story of Te Kooti’s 1870 abduction of two Whakatōhea communities into the Waioeka Gorge and how Whanganui’s pursuit won the day but never the credit.
Ron Crosby

The evidence in support of the conclusions drawn is compelling. This book is well worth the read.’
— Justice Sir (Tā) Joe Williams, from the Foreword

Previous histories of the New Zealand Wars have either overlooked the events that are retold in Te Kooti’s Last Foray, or have got them wrong by relying on questionable accounts by Lieutenant Thomas Porter.

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Auckland: The Twentieth-Century Story

Apr 05, 2023

Auckland: The Twentieth-Century Story
by Paul Moon

A bold and original account of what grew Auckland to become our biggest city last century and how that reflects on all of Aotearoa

’Auckland is ambiguously a part of New Zealand yet apart from it — a relationship that has generated both vibrancy and, on occasion, tension.’

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Footprints on the Land

Oct 11, 2022

Footprints on the Land
How Humans Changed New Zealand 
by Richard Wolfe

It must have been a hell of a shock. After millions of years of isolation, New Zealand’s unique flora and fauna suddenly felt the stir of human footprints just over 800 years ago. 

In the blink of an eye in terms of the Earth’s history, the last large landmass to be settled by humans changed in ways impossible to reverse. 

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