• Title: 12 Huia Birds/12 Manu Huia Author: Julian Stokoe Illustrator: Stacy Eyles ISBN: 978-0-947506-78-0 RRP: $22.99 Specs: 270 x 210 mm portrait, PB, 32 pp, colour Published: 14 July 2020 For orders from outside New Zealand, email: Previously published in hardback in English, this popular book is now back with Māori text in a quality paperback. The Listener named the first edition one of its Top 50 Children's Books of 2016, and called it: “A striking reminder of the many ways this beautiful bird was wiped out.” 12 beautiful huia birds play and sing in the forest. But is that a canoe arriving? A rat sniffling? A ship on the horizon? One by one, the huia start to disappear – what will remain? 12 Huia Birds is a captivating celebration of one of our loveliest birds. Through gentle rhyme and colourful imagery it subtly conveys an environmental message – and includes links to a 12 Huia Birds app, educational resources and games.
  • Title: Bullies and Warriors Author: Tim Tipene ISBN: 978-0-947506-30-8 RRP: $25.99 Specs: 198 x 129 mm portrait, PB, 100 pp Published: July 2012; reprinted in Oratia Books March 2017 The Book: Going to school is a misery for Sean. Whatever he does to avoid the school bully, Mark Thomas and his mates always catch up with him. Then the students join Warrior Kids, a programme that teaches leadership and self-control. So begins a journey for Mark and Sean that has a predictable outcome for one boy and a surprise for the other. In this novel for children aged 8–12, Tim Tipene depicts the reality of bullying and strategies to address it for those on both sides of the problem.

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  • Title: Doctor Grundy’s Undies Author: Dawn McMillan Illustrator: Ross Kinnaird ISBN: 978-0-947506-03-2 RRP: $19.99 Specs: PB, 230 x 215 mm portrait, 32 pp, colour Published: October 2014 The Book: Doctor Grundy lost his undies His best ones, supersized! When a strong wind blows past Doctor Grundy’s clothesline, away fly his undies. They land on a pirate ship, are blown on to Scotland, get a mend in China – but will they ever find their way back home? Another irreverent, fun story from McMillan and Kinnaird, Doctor Grundy’s Undies blends rhyme, humour and an undie world tour with delightful colour illustrations.
  • Title: Food Atlas Discover All the Delicious Foods of the World Author: Giulia Malerba Illustrator: Febe Sillani ISBN: 978-0-947506-51-3 RRP: $39.99 Specs:  370 x 270 mm portrait, HB, 72 pp, colour Publishing: 3 October 2018 The Book: An international phenomenon, this large-format hardback guides young readers and adults on an illustrated voyage into the foods and ingredients of the six continents – with New Zealand, Australia and Fiji representing Oceania. Gorgeous, illustrated maps show in detail the most typical fruits and vegetables, meat, fish and cheese, cereals, beverages, herbs and spices for each region. One country at a time, the world of food takes shape, and children have fun exploring the gastronomical wonders of the Earth, discovering all of the differences along the way. Originally published in Italian by Dalcò Edizione in the foodie city of Parma, Food Atlas has sold over 150,000 copies worldwide in 18 languages. Oratia is proud to bring an English edition to whet young appetites Down Under.
  • Title: Holy Socks Author: Dawn McMillan Illustrator: Philip Webb ISBN: 978-0-947506-44-5 RRP: $19.99 Specs: 230 x 215 mm portrait, PB, 32 pp, colour Published: October 2013  REPRINTED OCTOBER 2017 The Book: ‘One Christmas Eve, some years ago, a ginger kitten wandered along a street on the far side of town. He was hungry, and cold and wet.’ Bertie McGinty finds the kitten and christens him Holy Socks. Soon the pair are inseparable. Even after Bertie’s death, Holy Socks sticks by his master and takes up home in the church near his grave. Captivated by Holy Socks as she sits in church, young Christie calls out, ‘Can I keep the cat?’ Father John, by way of answer, tells everyone the story of Holy Socks. A heart-warming tale with beautiful illustrations.
  • Home Child A child migrant in New Zealand Author: Dawn McMillan Illustrator: Trish Bowles ISBN: 978-0-947506-58-2 RRP: $27.99 Specs: 270 x 210 mm portrait, HB, 40 pp, colour Published: 9 April 2019 The Book: ‘Tears were close as I talked to the class about where I had come from. The way I spoke, my accent, the words I used, made me different from everyone else.’ Home Child is the true story of Pat Brown, whose father made the heart-wrenching decision in 1950 to send his children from London to New Zealand for a better life. The four kids enjoy their ship voyage from Britain, not knowing that they will never be going home again — nor that only Pat and her sister would be staying together when they are adopted by Kiwi families. In these pages Pat (now resident in Nelson) retells the story of making a new life in New Zealand to her granddaughter Sarah Rose, hauntingly capturing the experience of young children consigned to a strange but welcoming country. In 2010 Pat represented New Zealand at the British Government’s official apology to child migrants. This is her story.
  • Title: I Need a New Bum! AS READ BY THE SCOTTISH GRANNY ON FACEBOOK Author: Dawn McMillan Illustrator: Ross Kinnaird ISBN: 978-0-947506-18-6 RRP: $19.99 Specs: 230 x 215 mm portrait, PB, 32 pp, colour Published: September 2012 For orders from outside New Zealand, email: The Book: I need a new bum! Mine's got a crack. I can see in the mirror a crack at the back. What to do when you need a new bum? Should you get one that’s blue or yellow spotted? A rocket bum that’s all fire and thrust, or a robo-bum? The options are endless – but wait, Dad’s bum crack is showing too? Maybe this is contagious. I Need a New Bum! is a multiple bestseller in New Zealand and has gained a legion of fans around the world. I Need a New Bum! is available in New Zealand through this website and good booksellers. It’s also in the fun collection I Need a New Bum! and other stories: For orders from outside New Zealand, email: For the US edition I Need a New Butt! (Dover Publications): For Australian orders, John Reed Books: For the UK edition, Scholastic UK: For the Chinese edition (CITIC Press):

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  • Title: I Need a New Bum! and other stories Author: Dawn McMillan Illustrator: Ross Kinnaird ISBN: 978-0-947506-32-2 RRP: $29.99 Specs: 230 x 215 mm portrait, PB, 96 pp, colour Publishing: 9 November 2017 The Book: Bum problems ... Naughty seagulls ... Mysterious smells ... This collection from the fun team of Dawn McMillan and Ross Kinnaird brings three favourite stories together in one fantabulous volume: I Need a New Bum! —What to do about that crack? Seagull Sid and the naughty things his seagulls did!— How can the seagulls reclaim their beach? Doggy Doo on my Shoe — Who’s to blame for that awful smell? Hilarious rhymes and zany drawings make this a book to treasure.
  • Title: I've Broken My Bum! Author: Dawn McMillan Illustrator: Ross Kinnaird ISBN: 978-0-947506-64-3 RRP: $19.99 Specs: 230 x 215 mm portrait, PB, 32 pp, colour Published: 9 October 2019 For orders from outside New Zealand, email: What should you do when you fall off your bike and your bum breaks into pieces? Collect them up, take them home and glue them together, of course!

    But then what happens when the pieces get stuck to the tray on which you’re making the repairs?

    Join the popular character from I Need a New Bum! as he discovers the joy and fun that can be had when you have a tray stuck to your bum! You can slide like a boss, you can be an ace at paintball, you can be a superhero, you can ride a geyser — and imagine how good you can be at surfing …

    Dawn McMillan’s rollicking rhyme is accompanied by Ross Kinnaird’s reliably  hilarious images, pulling the story along to a conclusion that encourages children to embrace and celebrate their differences.

  • Title: Kura Toa: Warrior School Author: Tim Tipene ISBN: 978-0-947506-17-9 RRP: $25.99 Specs: 210 x 148 mm portrait, PB, 92 pp, b&w Published: new edition 4 August 2016 The Book: High-school student Haki needs to find the pounamu that was stolen from him after a car crash by a mysterious old man who seems to know a lot about him. Haki’s search brings him into conflict with his family, his friends and his school. In the process he must confront his fears and find a way to answer the challenge to serve his people and his land, fight a taniwha, and grow into a warrior. Kura Toa is a superb read for students in the 12–16 age group that distils youth and indigenous issues into a seamless and easy-to-access narrative that has attracted a strong following in schools.

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  • Title: Māui – Sun Catcher Author: Tim Tipene Illustrator: Zak Waipara Translator: Rob Ruha ISBN: 978-0-947506-14-8 RRP: $25.99 Specs: 270 x 210 mm portrait, HB, 32 pp, colour Publishing: 8 November 2016 The Book: In this modern retelling of the beloved myth, Māui is a schoolboy who lives with his mother and four older brothers in a city where the day is never long enough to get things done. Māui grasps the mantle: Mum, I'm gonna catch that Sun for you. That Sun who’s always on the run. With their woven flax net, the brothers drive to the pit where the Sun lives, and make their play to slow the day. This bilingual book– in English and Māori – brings Māui into the 21st century in a fun and colourful retelling – the first in the international Indigenous Voices series.
  • Title: My Bum is SO NOISY! Author: Dawn McMillan Illustrator: Ross Kinnaird ISBN: 978-0-947506-81-0 RRP: $19.99 Specs: 230 x 215 mm portrait, PB, 32 pp, colour Publishing: 2 March 2021

    My bum is so noisy.

    My bum brings me shame.

    It makes weird noises and I get the blame.

    This poor kid really has trouble with his bum. This time he’s in a fix because some strange noises unpredictably issue from his behind!

    There’s tooting and hooting, and burping and slurping, and popping and squeaking when Auntie is speaking. But Mum and Dad love their boy and they refuse to make a fuss. And see what happens when he is talent-spotted (or talent-heard) by movie scouts …

    Join the popular character from I Need a New Bum! and I’ve Broken my Bum! when he discovers he has the loudest, the proudest, the most uproarious, victorious, sound-system backside!