• Title: Turning Point Auckland Radical Policy to Prepare Auckland for Two Million People Author: Owen Gill ISBN: 978-0-473-46550-6; ebook 978-0-473-46551-3 Imprint: Urban Hymns Publishing; distributed by Oratia Books RRP: $14.99 Specs: 210 x 148 mm portrait, PB, 124 pp colour and black & white Publishing: 12 February 2019 See: The Book: “A hugely important read” — Sir Bob Harvey Auckland is at a turning point. At current growth rates it will pass two million people sometime during the decade beginning 2022, at which point social and infrastructure problems will begin to compound. Drawing on the latest international thinking on cities, public policy advocate Owen Gill puts forward a radical yet sensible agenda for change to allow Auckland to take its place as a leading hub of the Asia-Pacific region. Turning Point Auckland features colour images illustrating Auckland’s diverse environments and succinct appendices that summarise the author’s proposals for making this a truly great city. The book aims to raise the level of public discussion and engagement about the future of New Zealand's main urban centre. For more information about the book, go to

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  • Title: Regions of New Zealand Author: Peter Dowling ISBN: 978-0-947506-35-3 RRP: $32.99 Specs: 270 x 210 mm portrait, HB, 40 pp, colour Publishing: 24 October 2017 The Book: Where are the regions of New Zealand? How did they develop? What makes them special and cool to visit? Through maps, photos, fact boxes and simple text, Regions of New Zealand takes readers on a tour from Northland to Southland, Tokelau to Antarctica – with fascinating insights into the special features, facts and characters of our distinctive regions. Each region features in a spread of the book, with a colour map showing towns and features, summary text, photos illustrating key locations and tourist destinations, fact boxes and key info. In addition are sections on Māori regional relationships, early provincial divisions, outlying territories and study links.
  • Title: Warrior Kids: Warrior Training for Children Author: Tim Tipene ISBN: 978-1-877514-22-7 RRP: $44.99 Specs: A4 portrait, PB, 232 pp (8 pp colour) Published: October 2011 The Book: Warrior Kids is a pioneering programme that over the past 17 years has empowered thousands of children across New Zealand, many of them from challenged backgrounds. Focusing on bringing out the warrior within, the programme draws upon Maori concepts of the warrior and Eastern martial arts in a non-aggressive way designed to instil confidence, respect and self-control, leading children to become masters of their lives. Warrior Kids: Warrior Training for Children features the complete ten sessions of the in-school programme in a format that instructors can apply to their own work with young people.

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  • Voices from the Surf 80 Years of the Karekare Surf Lifesaving Club ISBN: 978-0-473-33052-1 RRP: $49.99 Specs: 260 x 305 mm landscape, 208 pp (120 pp colour) PB Includes DVD documentary Published: December 2015 The Book: Karekare is one of the most iconic beaches of New Zealand – and one of the most dangerous. It has been said that in its 80 years the Karekare Surf Lifesaving Club has saved over 2000 people from death by drowning in the surf – beginning with New Zealand’s first seaplane rescue in 1935, a story brilliantly retold here by Charles Hamlin. Voices from the Surf collects the voices of generations of lifeguards since, with tales of brave rescues, competition success, club camaraderie, and many reflections on the bond that the ‘clubbies’ have with the special, spiritual landscape that is Karekare. There is a lot of yarn telling and living history in this book; open it anywhere to read a ripping story.
  • Title: Life with Cars New Zealanders' motoring memories 1950s–1980s Author: Stephen Barnett ISBN: 978-0-947506-74-2 RRP: $49.99 Specs: 240 x 260 mm landscape,PB with flaps, 168 pp, colour Publishing: 4 November 2020 For a preview of the book: Click here  Book can be pre-ordered ahead of November publication The Book: Life with Cars is a like a national family photo album, albeit one with its focus on cars. It brims with evocative imagery of cars and automotive adventures from the 1950s to the 1980s, with the words of the contributors as told to the author.

    Their stories reflect New Zealanders’ creation and uptake of car culture — telling of breakdowns in the middle of nowhere, holidays at the beach, evading the law, Sunday drives and of course posing on, beside or in the much-loved four-wheeled family members.

    Underpinning these stories are relationships — primarily between owners and their cars, but also between parents and children, partners in life, and young people and their peers — all during a time when cars had character, there was less congestion on the roads and petrol was cheap.

    These stories will resonate with a wide audience, from those who owned cars then to those that love their cars as much today.

  • New Zealand Tattoo: In the home of the tattooist’s art Authors: Chris Hoult & Steve Forbes ISBN: 978-1-877514-47-0 RRP: $50.00 Specs: 330 x 250 mm portrait, HB, 176 pp colour Published: October 2012 The Book: We have tattooing in the blood in New Zealand, and styles worn with pride here in Aotearoa are appreciated worldwide by admirers of beautiful design. And in the early 2010s, tattooing is going through a renaissance. Chris Hoult immersed himself in the Kiwi tattoo scene from 2011 and 2012, and brought writer-musician Steve Forbes along for the ride. What they record in New Zealand Tattoo is the view from the studios of New Zealand now, with profiles of leading tattooists including Merv O’Connor, Gordon Hatfield, Monique Mataga, Jason Parkinson and Te Rangitu Netana. Combining stunning photography and snappy text, New Zealand Tattoo is a celebration of tattooing here in its three rich traditions: Ta Moko (Maori tattoo), Tatau (Pacific Islands tattoo) and Tattoo (European and Asian forms).
  • Title: Te Ahi Kā: The Fires of Occupation Author: Martin Toft ISBN: 978-1-911306-38-2 Imprint: Dewi Lewis Publishing; distributed in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific by Oratia Books RRP: $65.00 Specs: 205 x 165 mm portrait, HB, 200 pp colour; alternate female (green, fern) and male (yellow, ember) covers Publishing: 5 December 2018 The Book: Danish photographer Martin Toft spent six months living among iwi deep in the Whanganui River lands in the mid-1990s. They honoured him with the Māori name Pouma Pokai-whenua. By returning 20 years later, again with his camera, Toft completed part of a promise to the iwi, and publishing this book fulfils the rest of that pledge. Te Ahi Kā: The Fires of Occupation  explores in photographs, archives and interviews some of the key political, environmental and cultural issues for the iwi as it has sought return of its historical lands at Mangapapapa. This sumptuous hardback production, with fold-out pages, fine binding and alternate female (fern) and male (embers) cover designs, is now featuring in photo book festivals worldwide. Te Ahi Kā evokes the physical and metaphysical relationship between a river and its ancestors, between Māori and the author. It aims to leave a legacy for future guardians of the Whanganui, and to share the aspirations and desires of this unique community.
  • Title: Parliamentary Practice in New Zealand Author: David McGee; edited by Mary Harris and David Wilson ISBN: 978-0-947506-24-7 RRP: $75.00 Specs: 245 x 155 mm portrait, PB, 896 pp, black & white Ebook ISBN: 978-0-947506-27-8 Ebook RRP: $45.00 The Book: Parliamentary Practice in New Zealand is the definitive work on practice and procedure in the New Zealand House of Representatives. This fourth edition incorporates a decade of developments since the third edition in 2005, and reflects many significant changes in parliamentary law, practice and procedure, including:
    • the Parliamentary Privilege Act 2014
    • how the House and its committees conduct legislative and financial scrutiny
    • the use of extended sittings by the House
    • the increased role of the Business Committee to manage the transaction of parliamentary business
    • how the work of the House and its committees is communicated to the public.
    This new edition features an attractive design and accessible structure, with extensive indexing and references. The ebook is available from 24 May on leading online retailers including the Ibooks store, Amazon and Mebooks NZ ebooks.
  • Sea Edge

    Title: Sea Edge: Where the Waitematā Meets Auckland Author: Bob Harvey ISBN: 978-0-947506-48-3 RRP: $75.00 Specs: 300 x 300 mm, HB, 260 pp colour Published: 19 June 2019 The Book: Since the first Polynesian voyagers made landfall in their double-hulled sailing canoes, new arrivals have continually rediscovered and redefined Auckland’s harbour. Waitematā, ‘sparkling waters’, originated as a name from a rock off Kauri Point. Settlers from Britain and other parts of Europe navigated into the Waitematā to create the ‘City of Sails’. Sea Edge: Where the Waitematā Meets Auckland is a collection of old and new stories, vignettes of the past and visions of the future, accompanied by many unpublished photographs and illustrations. It ranges widely, with 74 individual sections, each adding a fresh flavour to the story of Auckland’s vibrant, beautiful sea edge.