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  • Title: 12 Huia Birds/12 Manu Huia Author: Julian Stokoe Illustrator: Stacy Eyles ISBN: 978-0-947506-78-0 RRP: $22.99 Specs: 270 x 210 mm portrait, PB, 32 pp, colour Published: 14 July 2020 For orders from outside New Zealand, email: Previously published in hardback in English, this popular book is now back with Māori text in a quality paperback. The Listener named the first edition one of its Top 50 Children's Books of 2016, and called it: “A striking reminder of the many ways this beautiful bird was wiped out.” 12 beautiful huia birds play and sing in the forest. But is that a canoe arriving? A rat sniffling? A ship on the horizon? One by one, the huia start to disappear – what will remain? 12 Huia Birds is a captivating celebration of one of our loveliest birds. Through gentle rhyme and colourful imagery it subtly conveys an environmental message – and includes links to a 12 Huia Birds app, educational resources and games.
  • Title: I've Broken My Bum! Author: Dawn McMillan Illustrator: Ross Kinnaird ISBN: 978-0-947506-64-3 RRP: $19.99 Specs: 230 x 215 mm portrait, PB, 32 pp, colour Published: 9 October 2019 For orders from outside New Zealand, email: What should you do when you fall off your bike and your bum breaks into pieces? Collect them up, take them home and glue them together, of course!

    But then what happens when the pieces get stuck to the tray on which you’re making the repairs?

    Join the popular character from I Need a New Bum! as he discovers the joy and fun that can be had when you have a tray stuck to your bum! You can slide like a boss, you can be an ace at paintball, you can be a superhero, you can ride a geyser — and imagine how good you can be at surfing …

    Dawn McMillan’s rollicking rhyme is accompanied by Ross Kinnaird’s reliably  hilarious images, pulling the story along to a conclusion that encourages children to embrace and celebrate their differences.

  • Title: My Bum is SO NOISY! Author: Dawn McMillan Illustrator: Ross Kinnaird ISBN: 978-0-947506-81-0 RRP: $19.99 Specs: 230 x 215 mm portrait, PB, 32 pp, colour Publishing: 2 March 2021

    My bum is so noisy.

    My bum brings me shame.

    It makes weird noises and I get the blame.

    This poor kid really has trouble with his bum. This time he’s in a fix because some strange noises unpredictably issue from his behind!

    There’s tooting and hooting, and burping and slurping, and popping and squeaking when Auntie is speaking. But Mum and Dad love their boy and they refuse to make a fuss. And see what happens when he is talent-spotted (or talent-heard) by movie scouts …

    Join the popular character from I Need a New Bum! and I’ve Broken my Bum! when he discovers he has the loudest, the proudest, the most uproarious, victorious, sound-system backside!

  • Title: Ngā Atua: Māori Gods Author/Illustrator: Robyn Kahukiwa ISBN: 978-0-947506-26-1 RRP: $25.99 Specs: 270 x 210 mm portrait, HB, 32 pp, colour Publishing: 22 June 2017 (for Matariki) The Book: A book to treasure for young and old, Robyn Kahukiwa’s Ngā Atua: Māori Gods takes the reader on a visual journey while imparting simple and effective explanations of the major Maori gods. Robyn introduces the pantheon of Māori gods, and explains the arena of life for which each deity is responsible. For example: Tumatauenga is the greatest warrior atua. His powers are extreme strength and courage. He fights for truth and justice. This striking hardback is a beautiful introduction to some of the unique deities that are part of Aotearoa/New Zealand’s cultural story, and affirms their continued relevance today.
  • Title: Sir Singlet Author: Dawn McMillan Illustrator: Ross Kinnaird ISBN: 978-0-947506-75-9 RRP: $19.99 Specs: 230 x 215 mm portrait, PB, 32 pp, colour Publishing: 2 October 2020 For orders from outside New Zealand, email: The latest collaboration from author Dawn McMillan and illustrator Ross Kinnaird Sir Singlet brings their zany rhyms and illustrations to a colourful story of a knight who can’t stand the sloppy underwear he wears under his armour. Narrated by his nephew, Sir Singlet celebrates special talents: Sir Singlet is clever with needle and thread. See all the cushions he’s made for his bed? Sir Singlet’s solution to his problem is to design his own line of comfortable, and colourful ‘knightwear’. But before he can launch the product, the king gets in the way by declaring war. Wearing his new undergarments, Sir Singlet wins the battle, not using hand-to-hand combat — but by scaring his enemies away when he displays his wonderful wearable creations. The king is so pleased that he … well, you’ll have to read the story to find out how it all ends up!
  • Title: The Longdrop Author: Joan Joass Illustrator: Bob Darroch ISBN: 978-0-947506-71-1 RRP: $19.99 Specs: 230 x 215 mm portrait, PB, 32 pp, colour Published: 16 June 2020 For Teacher Resource: Click here  For orders from outside New Zealand, email:

    Here’s a fantastic tale for kids about the classic Kiwi holiday that includes a caravan, a beach and the sometimes-smelly toilet shed out the back of the holiday section — the longdrop.

    The kids need to go, and the public loo is sooo far away from their caravan. So, Dad builds a longdrop! When the paper builds to capacity Dad thinks and thinks and solves his problem — with a match ...

    Based on a true story (Joan’s husband is ‘Dad’), this fun rhyming story celebrates the hilarious situations that arise from the Kiwi ‘she’ll be right’ approach to life. Bob Darroch’s jam-packed illustrations perfectly depict New Zealand holiday time.

  • The Taniwha in our Backyard Author: Malcolm Paterson Illustrator: Martin Bailey ISBN: 978-0-947506-46-9 RRP: $22.99 Specs: 284 x 208 mm portrait, PB, 32 pp, colour Publishing: 12 September  2018 The Book: Tui, his cousin Jennifer and their whānau go to the south Kaipara to visit their Uncle Rua and Auntie Mina. Exploring the area down to Muriwai, they learn about moa, kauri, Māui dolphins, kaitiakitanga (stewardship), geology and more. In the telling of their stories, a previously unknown taniwha (monster) takes centre stage! The Taniwha in our Backyard mixes English and Māori (with a smattering of Malay), profiling established and newer ethnic groups. This third book in the Sharing Our Stories series carries on the kaupapa of connecting children with the amazing environments and history around them.
  • Title: The Tunnel in our Backyard Author: Malcolm Paterson Illustrator: Hana Maihi ISBN: 978-0-947506-04-9 RRP: $22.99 Specs: 284 x 208 mm portrait, PB, 32 pp, colour Publishing: 16 June 2016 The Book: A charming picture book, The Tunnel in our Backyard brings to life for children the connection with the land around them - a land full of stories and reminders of history. Jennifer and her whanau go to Te Atatu to help her cousin Tui’s family move house to Mount Albert. What they learn from Nanny on the way about Matariki and the Waterview Tunnel leads on to a big discovery once they reach Mount Albert – that old tunnels also run under here! Under the guidance of Nanny and new neighbour Tefere, the kids relive old and more recent history and follow in the giant footsteps of the ancestor Ruarangi from Mount Albert down to Meola Reef in Point Chevalier.
  • Title: There's a Tui in our Teapot Author: Dawn McMillan Illustrator: Nikki Slade Robinson ISBN: 978-0-947506-47-6 RRP: $25.99 Specs:  270 x 210 mm portrait, HB, 32 pp, colour Publishing: 16 October 2018 For Teacher Resource: Click here The Book: There’s a tui in our teapot. He’s looking out at me. A tui in the teapot? Yes … he wants a cup of tea! A tui and his various friends including takahe, kea, korimako (bellbird), pukeko and hoiho (yellow-eyed penguin) invade the family kitchen, getting up to all kinds of high jinks and making a tremendous mess! What will Nan say when she sees what the hilarious gang of mischievous birds have done to her kitchen? Two of New Zealand's best children's book creators join together in this classic bit of fun that concludes with a handy fact list on the native birds featured.
  • Title: There's a Weta on my Sweater Author: Dawn McMillan Illustrator: Stephanie Thatcher ISBN: 978-0-947506-76-6 RRP: $25.99 Specs:  270 x 210 mm portrait, HB, 32 pp, colour Publishing: 4 November 2020 For Teacher Resource: Click here The Book: There’s a weta on my sweater! He’s climbing up my sleeve … A humungous weta! An awesome weta! He doesn’t want to leave. Weta and friends, including beetle, centipede, stick insect and huhu, come to school with the kids for Show and Tell. In the classroom weta marches along while his friends show what they can do — singing, dancing and scaring the teacher! But they don’t want to stay in the classroom! Where will they go? Will Koro be able to help his mokopuna keep the critters safe?

    E-book Available from

  • Whakarongo ki ō Tūpuna Listen to your ancestors Author: Darryn Joseph Illustrator: Munro Te Whata ISBN: 978-0-947506-62-9 RRP: $25.99 Specs: 270 x 210 mm portrait, HB, 32 pp, colour Publishing: 10 September 2019 The Book: One night in June 2016, Massey University language lecturer Darryn Joseph sat in a hospital room minding a teacher who had become a dear friend and mentor to him. Darryn wrote her a poem of appreciation, kissed her hand and said goodbye; the next day she passed away. That poem is contained in Whakarongo ki ō Tūpuna/Listen to your Ancestors, which is written in te Reo Māori with English translation. The story follows a beloved teacher giving her pupils and grand-daughter guidance by directing them to follow the examples of Māori gods and ancestors. The book is illustrated by emerging artist Munro Te Whata, who has vividly brought to life settings in a school, the outdoors and a rest home in a colourful and fun style. Whakarongo ki ō Tūpuna teaches the values represented by Māori gods and ancestors, and provides a much-needed tool for reading in te Reo. And at its heart this is a story of love and respect, harking back to the friendship that inspired its writing.
  • Title: When Dad Came Home Author: Vanessa Hatley-Owen Illustrator: Rosie Colligan ISBN: 978-0-947506-50-6 RRP: $19.99 Specs:  230 x 215 mm portrait, PB, 32 pp, colour Publishing: 8 November 2018 Teacher resource for classroom use: Click here The Book: The war was over and Dad was coming home at last! But the days and weeks go by, and when he does return Dad is not the happy man that young Rita once knew and Thomas thinks he remembers. Struggling to understand his sadness and fears, the kids accompany him as he readjusts to home life, all the while singing his favourite song. One day, while they help him fix the deck, Dad starts to join in the song … Vanessa Hatley-Owen and Rosie Colligan beautifully capture a children’s view of family love and the realities of shell shock for the men who returned after the First World War ended on 11 November 1918.