• Legends of Rotorua and the Hot Lakes Author: A.W. Reed Illustrator: Dennis Turner ISBN: 978-0-947506-57-5 RRP: $29.99 Specs: 210 x 148 mm portrait, PB, 164 pp, b&w Published: 20 March 2019 The Book: First published in 1958, this is the classic collection of myths relating to that cradle of Māori culture, Rotorua – with relevance across New Zealand Rotorua is one of New Zealand’s most visited cities. It is impossible to avoid the area’s Māori history and, in this book, it is easy to learn about the most popular legends of the area. These include Ngatoro the Fire-Bringer, whose avoidance of fire demons left them raging underground to make the famous geyser and mudpool formations in the Rotorua area; and Hatupatu, who bravely escaped from the birdwoman, who would have him as her slave. A.W. Reed is renowned for his telling of Māori stories; his list of published works in this area is long and his popularity has rarely waned. The Dennis Turner beautiful illustrations are reproduced unaltered, speaking to the era of the book’s original publication.
  • Pūkaki

    Title: Pūkaki: Te Hokinga Mai o te Auahitūroa Author: Paul Tapsell Translator: Scotty Te Manahau Morrison ISBN: 978-0-947506-25-4 RRP: $45 Specs: 248 x 248 mm portrait, PB, 188 pp, colour Publishing: 12 September 2017 The Book: This major Māori translation is a book of national importance with special value for all descendants of Te Arawa and residents of Rotorua. Pūkaki — Te Hokinga Mai o te Auahitūroa records the life and transformations of Pūkaki, an ancestral father of Ngāti Whakaue of Te Arawa. From mortal rangatira to international icon in the Te Maori exhibition, follow Pūkaki on his return home to Rotorua in 1997, his representation on New Zealand’s 20-cent coin, and his subsequent relocation to the Rotorua Museum. Winner of the 2000 E.H. McCormick Best First Book Award for Non-Fiction, this heavily illustrated work intersperses the author’s research with the memories of Ngāti Whakaue elders. This te Reo edition, brilliantly translated by Scotty Morrison of Ngāti Whakaue, updates the story of Pūkaki through to 2017.
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    Te Arawa

    Title: Te Arawa: A History of the Arawa People Author: Don Stafford ISBN: 978-0-947506-10-0 RRP: $98.00 Specs: HB, 240 x 150 mm portrait, 616 pp, 12 b&w photo sections, deluxe jacket Publishing: 25 August 2016 The Book: Te Arawa is the major work by one of the leading historians of pre-European New Zealand, the late Don Stafford. The book tells the complete history of the Te Arawa waka and its descendants until the late nineteenth century. This relates the iwi’s origins in the South Pacific; migration and settlement in Aotearoa; the exploits of ancestors including Tamatekapua, Ihenga, Hatupatu, Tutanekai and Wahiao; development and relations among the Arawa confederation; the arrival of Europeans; Te Arawa’s participation in Māori–Pākehā warfare; and the campaigns involving Te Kooti. Te Arawa was and remains a monumental work of research and writing, and as a 616-page hardback is also an impressive physical artefact. This handsome hardback edition includes photographic pages on glossy paper and extensive whakapapa (genealogies).