Cover Story
100 Beautiful, Strange and Frankly Incredible New Zealand LP Covers
Author: Steve Braunias
ISBN: 978-0-947506-89-6
RRP: $49.99
Specs: 312 x 312 mm, PB, 168 pp, colour
Publishing: 26 October 2021   REPRINT IS IN STOCK NOW!

Music is a key to culture, no matter where in the world you are from and New Zealand is no exception. In the decades from 1957–87 the LP was king of New Zealand recorded music. To sell the music cover art was needed, and the book showcases 100 of the best examples at full LP size.

Divided into themes, Cover Story brings Braunias’ inimitable wit and empathy to bear on the artistic flair, fashion and occasional gaudiness these album covers represent. Based on interviews and his own experience collecting over 800 albums from op-shops around the country, he reflects on what they say about our popular culture.

Several hundred words accompany each of the albums — from Bill & Boyd to Tina Cross, Christian music to punk — while Katrina Duncan’s sharp design lets the art leap from the page. This is a big book in every sense, one that is a visual delight and full of quirky information, but that doesn’t take its subjects or itself too seriously.