Title: My Bum is SO NOISY!
Author: Dawn McMillan
Illustrator: Ross Kinnaird
ISBN: 978-0-947506-81-0
RRP: $19.99
Specs: 230 x 215 mm portrait, PB, 32 pp, colour
Publishing: 2 March 2021

My bum is so noisy.

My bum brings me shame.

It makes weird noises and I get the blame.

This poor kid really has trouble with his bum. This time he’s in a fix because some strange noises unpredictably issue from his behind!

There’s tooting and hooting, and burping and slurping, and popping and squeaking when Auntie is speaking. But Mum and Dad love their boy and they refuse to make a fuss. And see what happens when he is talent-spotted (or talent-heard) by movie scouts …

Join the popular character from I Need a New Bum! and I’ve Broken my Bum! when he discovers he has the loudest, the proudest, the most uproarious, victorious, sound-system backside!