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  • Title: 12 Huia Birds/12 Manu Huia Author: Julian Stokoe Illustrator: Stacy Eyles ISBN: 978-0-947506-78-0 RRP: $22.99 Specs: 270 x 210 mm portrait, PB, 32 pp, colour Published: 14 July 2020 For orders from outside New Zealand, email: Previously published in hardback in English, this popular book is now back with Māori text in a quality paperback. The Listener named the first edition one of its Top 50 Children's Books of 2016, and called it: “A striking reminder of the many ways this beautiful bird was wiped out.” 12 beautiful huia birds play and sing in the forest. But is that a canoe arriving? A rat sniffling? A ship on the horizon? One by one, the huia start to disappear – what will remain? 12 Huia Birds is a captivating celebration of one of our loveliest birds. Through gentle rhyme and colourful imagery it subtly conveys an environmental message – and includes links to a 12 Huia Birds app, educational resources and games.
  • Title: A Spirit Companion: Celebrating the first 50 years of the Spirit of Adventure Trust Author: Roger McDonald ISBN: 978-1-99-004251-5 RRP: $60.00 Specs: HB, 220 x 170mm portrait, 344pp, 2 colour Published: 14 November 2023
    ‘All a trainee needed to feel — could not help feeling — was that their feet were on the decks of something pretty big, and change was happening all around them just by the motion that happened when the wind blew.’ For 50 years, people from all walks of life have stepped aboard first the Spirit of Adventure, and today the Spirit of New Zealand Te Waka Herenga Tangata ō Aotearoa, for a voyage of personal discovery. They’ve had fun, made friends, and been given a taste of expanded possibility. Distinguished author Roger McDonald captures stories from over 70 people who have made ‘the Spirit’ part of their lives — from those who have worked and sailed for the Spirit of Adventure Trust to the young people whom it has introduced to sailing and self-recognition. This attractive cloth-bound hardback is illustrated with drawings by Sue Fisher, which combines with writing of the highest standard to make this an ideal memento for anyone who has ‘sailed the Spirit’ or loves the sea.
  • Title: Auckland: The Twentieth-Century Story Author: Paul Moon ISBN:978-1-99-004235-5 RRP: $45.00 Specs: 240 x 160 mm portrait, PB, 360 pp, b&w Published: 5 April 2023 Auckland in 1999 would have been unrecognisable to the city’s residents at the beginning of the twentieth century — the result of dramatic changes in populations, cultures, beliefs, aspirations and senses of itself. Auckland: The Twentieth-Century Story journeys through the mosaic of cultures and lifestyles, anxieties and hopes, disasters and triumphs, virtues and vices that led to this transformation. Drawing on diaries, oral history, newspapers and other media, Paul Moon explores themes including housing, gardening, the harbours, tangata whenua struggles, shopping culture, the immigrant experience and the pervading sense that Auckland was simultaneously at the edge of the world yet at its centre. Readers across New Zealand will experience many ‘Where were you when …?’ moments as they explore the changing landscapes of our largest city. Moon’s crisp writing gives readers everywhere a sense of a city that has felt triumph and failure but continues to develop so its citizens can proudly call it home.
  • Title: Bedtime, No Playtime! Author: Lawrence Schimel Illustrator: Elina Braslina ISBN: 978-1-99-004206-5 RRP: $14.99 Specs: Board book, 150 x 150 mm, 16 pp, colour Published: 17 August 2021 Click here for companion book Early One Morning A young girl is getting ready for bed when her puppy tries to play. First Rex brings his ball over, but that doesn’t work. Then he crashes story time, and she still doesn’t give in! Finally, as a last resort, Rex steals her teddy and the chase is on! Under the table, over the chair, her daddies race and, at last, rescue the bear. Now it’s really time for bed! Goodnight, Rex. An adorable rhyming board book that will have pre-school readers coming back, and the representation of a family with two dads makes this a meaningful addition to every bookshelf.
  • Title: Blimmin’ Koro: Kātahi rā, e Koro e! Author: Jill Bevan-Brown Illustrator: Trish Bowles Translator: Māhaki Bevan-Brown ISBN: 978-0-947506-87-2 RRP: $25.99 Specs: 270 x 210 mm portrait, 32 pp, colour Published: 7 September 2021 For Teacher Resource: click here  For orders from outside New Zealand, email:
    Kotukū notices her grandfather is becoming forgetful. He hides things around the house and has trouble talking. Is Koro sick? Step by step, Kotukū and her whānau learn about dementia and help Koro to adjust to the changes in his life.

    This bilingual story tells the story Koro’s changes and how his family adapt to look after him. What doesn’t change is their unwavering love for their grandad. Trish Bowles’ watercolour illustrations sensitively trace the family’s journey and help show dementia doesn’t mean the end of life.

  • Title: Bullies and Warriors Author: Tim Tipene ISBN: 978-0-947506-30-8 RRP: $25.99 Specs: 198 x 129 mm portrait, PB, 100 pp Published: July 2012; reprinted in Oratia Books March 2017 The Book: Going to school is a misery for Sean. Whatever he does to avoid the school bully, Mark Thomas and his mates always catch up with him. Then the students join Warrior Kids, a programme that teaches leadership and self-control. So begins a journey for Mark and Sean that has a predictable outcome for one boy and a surprise for the other. In this novel for children aged 8–12, Tim Tipene depicts the reality of bullying and strategies to address it for those on both sides of the problem.

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  • Title: Captain Cat Author: Joan Joass Illustrator: Bob Darroch ISBN: 978-0-947506-86-5 RRP: $21.00 Specs: 230 x 215 mm portrait, PB, 32 pp, colour Published: 3 June 2021 For Teacher Resource: Click here  For orders from outside New Zealand, email:

    An adventurous tale of two mischievous cats that find themselves in a predicament — their love for fish leads to an unscheduled journey in their owners’ dinghy. Will anyone notice them floating into the estuary?

    The owner of the boat might not be on to it, but the neighbourhood kids are! Spying Fluff and Scout floating about, one of them posts on the Internet: ‘Do you know whose cats are these?Get in touch and HURRY please!’

    Thank goodness Mum uses social media. Scout and Fluff are saved when the Joneses jump in their kayaks and set off to save their moggies.

    Bob Darroch’s vibrant and jam-packed illustrations hilariously depict Fluff and Scout’s adventures at sea, and the efforts of the Jones family and friends to bring them back to shore.

  • Cover Story 100 Beautiful, Strange and Frankly Incredible New Zealand LP Covers Author: Steve Braunias ISBN: 978-0-947506-89-6 RRP: $49.99 Specs: 312 x 312 mm, PB, 168 pp, colour Publishing: 26 October 2021   REPRINT IS IN STOCK NOW!
    Music is a key to culture, no matter where in the world you are from and New Zealand is no exception. In the decades from 1957–87 the LP was king of New Zealand recorded music. To sell the music cover art was needed, and the book showcases 100 of the best examples at full LP size. Divided into themes, Cover Story brings Braunias’ inimitable wit and empathy to bear on the artistic flair, fashion and occasional gaudiness these album covers represent. Based on interviews and his own experience collecting over 800 albums from op-shops around the country, he reflects on what they say about our popular culture. Several hundred words accompany each of the albums — from Bill & Boyd to Tina Cross, Christian music to punk — while Katrina Duncan’s sharp design lets the art leap from the page. This is a big book in every sense, one that is a visual delight and full of quirky information, but that doesn’t take its subjects or itself too seriously.
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    Title: Doctor Grundy’s Undies Author: Dawn McMillan Illustrator: Ross Kinnaird ISBN: 978-0-947506-03-2 RRP: $21.00 Specs: PB, 230 x 215 mm portrait, 32 pp, colour Published: October 2014  OUT OF STOCK, REPRINT DUE EARLY JUNE 2024 The Book: Doctor Grundy lost his undies His best ones, supersized! When a strong wind blows past Doctor Grundy’s clothesline, away fly his undies. They land on a pirate ship, are blown on to Scotland, get a mend in China – but will they ever find their way back home? Another irreverent, fun story from McMillan and Kinnaird, Doctor Grundy’s Undies blends rhyme, humour and an undie world tour with delightful colour illustrations.
  • Title: Early One Morning Author: Lawrence Schimel Illustrator: Elina Braslina ISBN: 978-1-99-004207-2 RRP: $14.99 Specs: