Title: Te Whatu Tāniko — Tāniko Weaving: Technique and Tradition
Author: Hirini Moko Mead
ISBN: 978-0-947506-61-2
RRP: $45.00
Specs: 250 x 185 mm, PB, 136 pp b&w
Published: 15 August 2019

The Book:
Tāniko weaving is one of the supreme expressions of Māori art. Weaving and dyeing the fibres of native flax creates elaborate, beautiful patterns that are used to adorn clothing, with distinctive styles that have evolved over centuries of creativity.

This has been the standard work on the subject since its first publication as Taniko Weaving in 1952. Since rewritten and updated, Te Whatu Tāniko provides the history and social context for weaving, as well as clear, practical guidelines for making tāniko.

Using the book’s clear and concise graphs and drawings, readers can utilise this book to weave the beautiful patterns within. The instructions can be used as a beginner’s guide or a refresher resource, or simply to enjoy and admire this beautiful artform.