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Māui — Sun Catcher and Rona Moon return in more affordable paperbacks

Māui – Sun Catcher / Māui – Te Kaihao i te Rā  Tim Tipene Illustrated by Zak Waipara Translated by Rob Ruha Rona Moon / Ko Rona Māhina Tim Tipene Illustrated by Theresa Reihana Translated by Stephanie Huriana Fong Paperback editions of Tim Tipene's retelling of two traditional stories are now in print, offering these fully bilingual English and Te Reo editions in a more affordable format.  The paperback editions are priced at $22.99, a 12% reduction from the previous hardback books. 

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Toby Curtis: Unfinished Business – Ki hea āpōpō

Toby Curtis Unfinished Business – Ki hea āpōpō Sir Toby Curtis with Lorraine Berridge McLeod The late Te Arawa leader sets out his life from poverty to knighthood with frank views on education and racism Knowing that he was unwell, over the past year the late Sir Toby Curtis worked with long-time friend Dr Lorraine Berridge McLeod to record his life and views on key areas from his stellar career — especially Māori education and leadership, and his experience of racism. Toby Curtis – Unfinished business: Ki hea āpōpō follows Toby’s progress from his humble origins through family life and his mahi as a teacher and lecturer, government adviser in education and broadcasting, and leader of the Te Arawa iwi confederation.

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