Title: Le Quesnoy 1918: New Zealand’s Last Battle
Author: Christopher Pugsley
ISBN: 978-0-947506-49-0
RRP: $39.99
Specs: 297 x 210 mm portrait, PB, 168 pp (b&w with 8-pp colour)
Publishing: 25 October 2018   UPDATED EDITION PUBLISHED 18 March 2020  REPRINTED WITH UPDATES 20 November 2022

The Book:
The New Zealand Division’s capture of the French town of Le Quesnoy was its last and most successful action in the First World War. Breaking through defensive lines and scaling the town walls by ladder, the New Zealanders overwhelmed the defenders, freeing the town after years of German occupation.

It was a victory that resounded around the world, and helped convince German high command they could no longer hold the front. Based on his intimate knowledge of the landscape and those involved, Dr Christopher Pugsley puts together the story with his mastery of drama and detail — producing a book that is thrilling at the same time as a tribute to the New Zealanders who died (and whose details are fully recorded here for the first time).

Updated with additional information received from descendants since the first publication in October 2018, and with a new red cover to match, Le Quesnoy 1918 is an inspiring read of relevance to all New Zealanders.